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Terms for Warranty

Refund conditions:-

  • All Our products have no warranty except when you buy products with warranty stated as in description or buying page
  • There is Refund in case product is not working only at time of install after that there is no refund whatsoever
  • For returning a product create a ticket through live chat.


Replacement conditions:-

- Replacement applicable only on warranty accounts.

- Credentials must not be changed at customer end , this will void warranty

- Customer has to play from his own user only , login/playing from our user will void warranty.

- you must login once during installation, Multiple Logins will void warranty and no replacement will be given

- Misuse of Replacement policy and Fair usage policy is limited to 2 account replacements at maximum and all replacement final decision is in hands of Playstation Bundle and cannot be contested in any case whatsoever




In these Refund/Replacement conditions You/Your/Him are considered as customer/buyer of the specific account/game, In any case We /Them/They/Us is referred to Playstation Bundle and Its Core team in regarding to Sale of any account.game



1. In a bundle you get only 3 games as a replacement in warranty it cannot be changed in any circumstances


2. Games must be 30 days older to be added to replacement any game newer or preorder will not be considered for replacement


3. The warranty is for 28 days from the date and time of purchase after the same hour of purchase after 28 days warranty is void.


4. Prices are subject to market change no price is fixed and older prices will not be considered for final sale price at the time of buying


5. Once logged in you cannot even login into the account we gave you or warranty will be void


6. Once set games to download even if there is a lock do not switch user or warranty will be void


7. A replacement will only be finalized by @udimension and his decision is final and cannot be challenged.


8. Email password  or id cannot be changed warranty will be void if done


9. These above rules are subject to change without any notification, therefore, read rules every time before you buy/ no talk will be done regarding any rule change after buying


10. when you are buying an account you are accepting our terms and conditions unconditionally.